Welcome to Events By Burke

Events By Burke takes pride in offering first class events that raise funds to help our local community. Browse our events and opportunities, and join us by using the tabs that appear at the top of the page. Registration for events is easy! Just click the clearly marked "Register Here" buttons on each event page.

See our Events Check out our Driven to Action Program

Supporting Our Veterans...

...and our Local DAV Chapters! Supporting our veterans isn't just something we do - it's something we live for.

New Events All The Time

Events By Burke always has something on the horizon. We can't wait for the next best thing to do our part.


Helping the Community...

...one event at a time. Events By Burke holds community events to help raise funds for local causes.


We always tell you what our fundraisers are supporting. We aim for local causes in our community.


Keeping our Roads and our Children Safe...

...with the Driven to Action Program. For more information, just select "#DTA" from the menu at the top.

A Long Community History

Burke Motor Group has existed for over a Century - and we've been involved in the community from the start.


Partnered with Local Businesses to meet our goals...

...because always do our best to make sure that our events give back to both the cause and the community.

Hosted by a Local Business

Events By Burke is Hosted by Burke Motor Group - a Car dealership with over a Century of community involvement.

Events By Burke

Focused On Community Service.